Here is the Real Revolution People Get in it Legit Elections

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Bob Fitrakis shares the Revolution YOU need to join Legit Elections

Vote you MUST!>>>>> We can see it happening because America’s Job1 MUST BE #LegitElections Hey Election thieves Bail Out, submit to Adjudication or keep on stealing our votes and risk REAL WAR on YOU (ya know with bullets?) Is it worth it? Are you willing to risk EVERYTHING to keep your bosses in power? I believe the American people have had enough of the Oligarchy and if we can not VOTE Legit What is Left? Think about it. Boom! Jim Spoer 3 min

John & Jim answer questions Left Coast Forum 9 min



One thought on “Here is the Real Revolution People Get in it Legit Elections

  1. #1 PRIORITY, fix our bought corrupt election system or we do not have a chance to take our country back!!! Terry Cook Education & Communication are our keys to drive to unlimited destinations. Without, we go backwards in our deepest downward spiral.
    Top Underground internet Radio Larry Levine production, delivers Truth, the way America should be, and Solutions to make it!!!!! Or have us leave our future generations Hell on Earth, eager to walk right in your nearest Fema Camp. 3 years ago, we had no plans on making things right. NOW, a completely different trip!! Yes, we Americans are taking a Trip to gather up at least 200 million Citizens, Veterans, Bikers, Peacenics, Environmentalists, and all that believe Jesus Christ told his Apostles, “Sell your clothes to buy swords”
    Our “Lady’s Soccer Team” just showed what We can do!!!! Work as a team, know where we are headed to, our strategies on going total green, put 50 million in our nation to work. and we will score goal after goal. Why, because our backs are against the Wall, the whole world is watching, and we know we will win!!!!! Thank You beautiful (Superior Gender in Most ways), showing US the WAY! “Street Justice” 7-9 PM eastern 866 451 1451. “ Foundation Economy” GoAVA.US Tulsi Gabbard & Bernie Sanders Vice President, editor @ Ohio PiN Yes, for the sake of humanity!!!!!!!

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